Tuesday, December 1, 2015

WW1 December Challenge–Majorca Blue

I had so much fun playing with this colour and finding an image that just suited it so well. There was no doubt it was going to be an image of my lil dude, it was just a which one?

This image was taken on a day when he had had a BIG day with face painting, lots of fun and of course, the afternoon breakdown. It always coincides with face painting so he ends up looking like a bad version of the ‘dark knight’ with a very smudged face and super puffy eyes. 


The title actually says ‘why so glum chum’ but because I used the clear resin alphabet from The Resin Rainbow and smeared some blue ink over the top its not showing up so well. The close-up images below show it much better!


Ingredients Used:
Resin Alphabet, ball border peices, cut up white mandala and blue star are all from The Resin Rainbow on etsy and on Facebook.
White muslin behind title from the first aid kit in the kitchen.
Want to see whatelse the rest of the CT girls have done with this amazing colour: go and check out the WW1 Blog for lots of fab inspiration!

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